Heavy-Duty Inverter


Designed for heavy duty on- and off-road vehicles, our highly flexible inverter is the perfect control for induction and permanent magnet motors. By combining reliable hardware and extensive suite of software functionalities, the ELFA inverter is an ideal tool for vehicle electrification.

ELFA 3 v3 Product Image

Ensuring system safety

Voltage protection function safeguarding the system in case of motor-induced over voltage.

Robust system design

Compact and light weight design with robust aluminum housing.

Increased temperature range

Wide range of ambient operating conditions ranging from -40°C up to 70°C.


Operation Voltage 300 - 850 VDC
Output Current 300A rated (30 min), 550A max (60 Sec)
Base Software AUTOSAR
Cooling Water-Glycol
Weight 15kg
System Protection and Safety Safe Pulse off, Active Discharge, Voltage Protection Function
Certified Automotive EMC norm:, UN ECE R10
Protection Class IPX7, IP6K9K, IPX6K
Diagnosis UDS and XCP
Galvanic Isolation Between LV and HV
Installation HV Plugs for AC and DC, connections fail-proof, color/form coding
Operation Modes Double winding motors


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