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Who is Accelera?

We're a clean energy technology brand by Cummins accelerating the shift to zero emissions.

Zero-emission power isn’t coming soon. It’s already here, ready to take on the world’s most demanding jobs. And we’re on a mission to make clean power the new normal for all of the hard-working industries that keep the world running. 

Female engineer standing in front of an Accelera zero-emission truck

Building a sustainable future, today

We partner with our customers to build right-sized solutions that will transition their fleets, grids, construction sites, ports, factories and plants to zero-emissions power. Our vision is a world where commercial and industrial applications are no longer synonymous with greenhouse gas emissions.

Accelera logo in white on the door of a zero-emission vehicle

Nothing short of zero

Accelera’s products are part of zero-emissions systems. 
Not some. All. Not near-zero. Absolute zero.    

Senior engineer working under the hood of a zero-emissions truck

Advocating for infrastructure

We can’t build a new green energy economy without building the infrastructure to support it. Any promises made about a zero-emissions future without coinciding infrastructure advocacy are hollow. Accelera works tirelessly behind the scenes to educate local, state and federal governments on what it takes to decarbonize their communities, and collaborates with them on how to accelerate infrastructure adoption.

Accelera engineering smiling and conversing with leadership

Global reach and representation

Our technology spans the globe, serving people all over the world. And we believe our workforce should reflect and represent the diverse communities we serve. At Accelera, DE&I isn’t just a collection of feel-good policies on paper, it is a foundational part of who we are and how we do business.

Amy Davis, President of Accelera, wearing a white blazer and black shirt; she is smiling at the camera

Purpose-driven leadership

When it comes to innovating for a more sustainable world, Amy Davis is at the forefront as president of Accelera by Cummins. She boldly positions us as a leader in clean energy technology and pushes the boundaries of technology, accelerating the possibilities of battery systems, fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies, and ePowertrain systems in commercial and industrial markets. 

Connect with Amy Davis on LinkedIn Connect with Amy Davis on LinkedIn

Industry leading experts under one roof

When it comes to zero-emissions technology, many companies have placed bets and invested in one over all others. At Accelera, we believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we pursue the most promising paths forward. We've assembled the key technologies and best talent to deliver the right zero-emissions solutions for our customers. 

And when new breakthroughs happen and new paths emerge, we won't sit still.  


To read more about Accelera's acquisitions, visit our Newsroom. To read more about Accelera's acquisitions, visit our Newsroom.

Where is Accelera? 

A map showing Accelera locations around the world.
Accelera engineer standing in front of our zero-emission truck

Join Team Accelera and make a difference! 

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