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When space is constrained, the versatile modular packaging of the BP97E can be scaled down to 54 kWh or up to 110 kWh. Adaptable in nature, our NMC platform is scalable to meet a variety of packaging and mounting requirements based on energy and vehicle design needs.

  • Higher Battery Energy Density

  • Flexible Mounting

  • Simple Infrastructure Requirement

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Lightweight enclosure

The high-performance, energy-dense battery pack composed of a lightweight enclosure and modular design has one of the highest energy densities available in the market.

Enhanced range

Providing customers with the same or improved range for less battery weight than before.

Flexible mounting options

Compact design enables flexible mounting options that allow this pack to be installed within the chassis rails or create a low-height sub-pack.

Versatile integration

Can be used as a standalone component or connected in parallel for use in Accelera’s range of multi-pack power systems.

Rigorously tested

Tested to meet the highest safety, durability, and reliability tests known ensuring the ability to withstand the toughest conditions.

Tailored warranty

Warranty provided against customer-specific vehicle usage and drive cycle data.

DC fast charging capability

With DC fast charging capability, this pack's charge can go from 0-80% in less than one hour.

Temperature control

A liquid cooling system provides the ideal temperature control for cell performance and longevity.

Battery management system

The spec battery management system controls power demands and ensures system health.

Technical Specifications

Chemistry Li lon NMC-A
Dimensions 1893 mm x 639 mm x 295 mm (excluding connections)
Weight (dry) 550 kg
Energy Nominal: 97 kW / Depth of Discharge: 88%
Peak Power* Charge: 209 kW (50% SOC)

Discharge: 131 kW (20% SOC)
Continuous Power Charge: 82 kW (50% SOC)

Discharge: 105 kW (20% SOC)
Charging Capacity 0 - 80% DSOC in 1 hour
Operating Voltage 583-689 V (618 V nominal)
Cooling H2O and Ethylene Glycol, 50:50
Ingress Protection IP6K9K and IP67
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 50°C
Communication SAE J1939
ESS Configurations Up to 8 in parallel

*Peak power varies based on application


Reliable battery electric power for applications that keep the world moving forward. 

Benefits that build momentum

Make the shift to cleaner technology today with proven battery systems that make sense for you. Our battery portfolio includes flexible solutions to meet your needs, from low-voltage battery modules to high-voltage battery packs.

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