PEM Fuel Cell Technology

Pioneering power solutions for mobile and stationary applications that are always emissions free

Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Truck

Clean power on-the-move

Revolutionizing heavy-duty applications, PEM fuel cells are the clean energy powerhouse behind robust trucking, rail, coach and intercity transit. Ideal for demanding and extended duty-cycles, our innovative solutions ensure a green journey that's both powerful and sustainable. Join the movement where clean power takes the lead, transforming heavy-duty industries and paving the way for a greener future, from sky to sea.

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Mobile Applications

Man working on Accelera Truck

Powering excellence

  • Extensive experience in fuel cell and electrolyzer technology, encompassing core component development 
  • Committed to continuously advancing our core product roadmap 
  • A globally established leader in project design, on time and within budget delivery, and aftermarket support
  • Part of an extensive partnership network to facilitate turnkey solutions and streamlined processes 
  • Sustainability is in our DNA and our diverse product portfolio enables solution synergies to help customers achieve their financial and environmental objectives with zero emissions at the forefront