Hydrogen Production

Innovating across a broad spectrum of hydrogen technologies to turn alternative energy into primary.

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Green hydrogen economy

The hydrogen economy is leveraging pure hydrogen to decarbonize sectors that don’t allow for direct electrification, like hard-to-abate industries such as steel, cement and heavy-duty transport. With hydrogen playing the dominate role of the energy carrier, hydrogen as fuel produces power when hydrogen and electricity interact.

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Clean, green hydrogen

The periodic table’s first element, hydrogen, is the universe’s oldest, most abundant element. But pure hydrogen doesn’t exist on its own. It’s found in molecules like H20, where it is one of the basic ingredients. Hydrogen in water molecules can be extracted through a process called electrolysis and stored as electrical energy.

When extracted hydrogen is combined with oxygen in a fuel cell, a flow of electrons is created, resulting in electricity that can be used for multiple applications — including powering fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen can also be stored and used as renewable energy for seconds, minutes, weeks, or even months as a greener energy supply.

Working together for a greener future

"Thanks to [Accelera by] Cummins' reputation in the market and their strong experience in hydrogen, this makes them a suitable partner for our project. We are happy to partner up with them and share the same drive of moving towards zero carbon emissions.”