Stationary Power

From upgrading backup generators to providing megawatts of baseload, we’re shifting stationary power to power that is reliable and carbon-free.

Macro wild purple pastel mushroom
Macro wild purple pastel mushroom

Start with a powerful foundation

Designed to support any generator requirement, Accelera offers entire stationary energy storage systems, including key components like battery packs and modules. Our flexible solutions deliver ultimate energy management and sustainability—deferring expensive upgrades and reducing energy costs in peak usage.

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IT technician running maintenance programme in data center
IT technician running maintenance programme in data center

Fuel cell power plant in action

Accelera’s megawatt (MW) Power Plant is a reliable, cost-effective power solution for backup, standby, and stationary applications. This self-contained fuel cell solution can replace or enhance renewable and diesel generators, generate DC power, or combine with an inverter, UPS, or AC power. Using hydrogen stored on-site or delivered by pipeline, the MW Power Plant management system offers full control, monitoring, and safety capabilities.

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Why fuel cells for stationary power?

Our fuel cell technologies are key to providing stationary power generation to industries depending on stable and reliable power. Used as a main source of power, or as a backup solution, Accelera’s solutions generate on-demand power quickly and efficiently with fewer air pollutants than traditional power generation technologies.

  • High efficiency  
  • Reliable 
  • Fuel flexibility 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Quiet when operating 
  • Low to zero-emissions 
  • Easily scalable