Unlocking the green hydrogen economy with industry-leading water electrolysis technology.

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What is an electrolyzer?

An electrolyzer is a system that uses electrolysis to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. Through electrolysis, the electrolyzer system creates hydrogen gas. The oxygen that’s left over is released into the atmosphere or can be captured or stored to supply other industrial processes or even medical gases in some cases.

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Turning water into hydrogen

Green hydrogen from water is the next generation solution, for generations to come. At the heart of Accelera’s hydrogen generation technology is electrolysis, a highly efficient electrochemical reaction using electricity to break down water (H2O) into its constituent elements, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

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PEM and Alkaline Applications

The versatility of hydrogen electrolysis technology is driving decarbonization efforts across multiple sectors.

Unlocking a 
sustainable future

Producing hydrogen using renewable power and advanced hydrogen electrolysis technology is key to establishing cleaner energy and securing a sustainable future.

Renewable Power

Electrolyzers are ideal to balance the growing share of renewable energy. They allow more renewable power to enter existing energy systems for power production, injection in gas grids, industrial use, ammonia production, renewable fuels and use in mobility

Energy Storage

Hydrogen can be stored and transported as a gas in existing gas grids or in dedicated hydrogen pipelines to support the storage of renewable energy in large quantities 


On-site hydrogen production is a game-changer when it comes to heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles 


A wide range of critical industrial process already depend on hydrogen with more of them converting their processes 

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