Alkaline Electrolyzers

Best-in-class electrolyzer systems with the strongest saftey record and relibaility in the market.

What is alkaline electrolysis?

In alkaline electrolysis, a reaction occurs between two electrodes in a solution composed of water and liquid electrolyte. When sufficient voltage is applied, water molecules take electrons to make OH⁻ ions and an H2 molecule. The OH⁻ ions travel through the solution toward the anode, where they combine and give up their extra electrons to make water, electrons, and O2. 

Recombination of hydrogen and oxygen at this stage is prevented by means of our patented IMET® ion-exchange membrane. The IMET® membrane is made of highly resistant, inorganic materials. The electrolyte remains in the system owing to a closed-loop, pump-free recirculation process.

Alkaline Applications