Groundbreaking solutions for heavy hauling with carbon-free, clean and sustainable technology.

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Uninterrupted power for microgrids

Avoid costly outages and production downtime. Accelera’ solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology ensures a continuous source of on-site power - with reduced emissions and a low-carbon footprint. Incorporate a renewable backup power supply to ensure peak performance of your critical infrastructure. 

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The fueling familiarity of diesel  

Our fuel cells store more energy in less weight. Easily refuel with hydrogen refueling stations, similar to traditional petroleum-based fuel pumps.  A perfectly sustainable solution for near-continuous use vehicles and tight duty cycles. 

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A better source of power

The mining sector produces 1.9 to 5.1 gigatons of toxic greenhouse emissions every year.  Fuel cell technologies are a clean energy source that can help reduce annual mining emissions and enable the mining sector to reach sustainability targets and advance decarbonization goals.  

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