Power Module


Delivering industry-leading efficiency in a low pressure and compact design, the HyPM™-HD45 is highly durable and scalable to meet on and off-highway requirements. Our turnkey system includes simple electrical and mechanical interfaces that allow for easy integration with other powertrain components.

HyPM-HD45 product image

Liquid-cooled advanced MEA PEM stack 

Integral balance of plant 

Advanced onboard controls and diagnostics 

Low pressure cathode air delivery

Sub-zero operation

Progressive on-board controls + diagnostics

Unlimited start-stop cycling 

Robust, rugged and reliable

No water for humidification required

No nitrogen required for shutdown

Designed for ease of UL and CE system

Technical Specifications

Power 45 kW
Operating Current 0 to 450 ADC
Operating Voltage 88 to 180 VDC
Peak Efficiencya 60%
Response Time from Off to Rated Power ≤ 30 seconds
Response Time from Minimum to Rated Power ≤ 5 seconds
Response Time from Rated to Minimum Power ≤ 1 second
Oxidant Ambient Air
Coolant De-ionized water (DI H2O) or 50% ethylene glycol/DI H2O
Ambient Temperature Range for Storage -40°C to 65°C
Process Air Temperature Range for Operation -10°C to 46°C
Communication Interface CAN v2.0A (standard 11 bit)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 848 × 406 × 255 mma
Mass (includes air blower) 95 kg
Volume 88 L


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