Fuel cell demo

H2Rescue emergency relief truck

Equipped to carry supplies and quickly mobilize power to disaster hit areas - supporting shelter sites with reliable, clean, temporary electric power.

What does a disaster relief vehicle look like?

H2Rescue emergency relief vehicle powered by Accelera by Cummins

Meet the H2Rescue. A zero-emission, fuel cell powered emergency vehicle. Wth an extended driving range, the vehicle provides up to 25 kilowatts load-following exportable power for up to 72 hours. 

  • Configured with an Accelera 90kW fuel cell engine and a 250kW traction motor 
  • Carries 175 kg of onboard H2 
H2Rescue with an Open Hood

Powering safer, cleaner rescue missions 

  • Carbonless - with only water coming from its tailpipe 
  • Hydrogen fuel cells reduce fuel consumption compared to standard diesel ICE engines - which consume fuel while idling 
  • When fully deployed, each vehicle is expected to displace 1,825 gallons of fuel annually 
  • Estimated reduction of greenhouse gasses is 2.5 metric tons annually
Watch now: Meet H2Rescue
Detail shot of the H2Rescue

Powering aid when it’s needed most 

  • Reliable transport of first-aid supplies, food, and water 
  • Can power 20-25 FEMA trailers, support shelters, or houses 
  • Minimizes exposure to the elements such as heat and cold 
  • Increases public safety - providing immediate on-site power generation 
  • Virtually silent 
  • Creates a quieter and safer work environment for relief crews and survivors 
  • Enables ease of communication while the fuel cell is operating in power generation mode 
  • Produces heat and up to a gallon of water per hour, further supporting rescue efforts

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